Saturday, February 17

8:30am  Breakout Seminars 1

  • Helping People Overcome Life Dominating Issues Bill Shannon Grace Community Church
  • Children, Catechesis, & Christ Kenton Spratt Christ Church
  • Small Groups: Gospel Powered Small Groups Dave Farley Grace Christian Fellowship
  • Training Pastors and Missionaries in Your Church Jerod Gilcher Faith Bible Church

9:45am Session 3 Mike Riccardi

10:45am Break

11:00am Breakout Seminars 2 

  • Overcoming Anxiety Mike Riccardi Grace Community Church
  • Preaching - the Family Meal for Spiritual Growth Carey Hughes Christ the Redeemer
  • Understanding and Responding to Manipulators Brian Sayers Faith Bible Church
  • Discipling Men: Theology and Practice Paul Funchess, Bill Mullins, Corey Mitchum Faith Bible Church

12:15pm Lunch

1:00pm Session 4 Bill Shannon

2:00pm Wrap-up

Friday, February 16

3:00pm  Pre-conference

Praying for the sanctification of your church Kyle Schwahn and Corey Gage Indian Trail Church

4:00pm  Pre-conference

The Sanctifying Power of Married Sinners Ministering Together John and Martha Smith Christ our Hope Bible Church

6:30pm  Session 1 Mike Riccardi

7:45pm Break

8:00pm Session 2 Bill Shannon